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June 21, 2013
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Character meme - Harvey by freethegoats Character meme - Harvey by freethegoats
I coaxed Queen into doing a character meme for our kids, since I haven't done a meme in ages. When I saw :iconwirls: do one and I knew it was only a matter of time. ;P
A bit of clarification, because as much as detailed the meme is, not all can be explained by marking squares. xD

The extroversion/introversion scale - I guess it relates mostly to Harv at the beginning of the adventure? In time he steps up and learns to be more presentable and leader-like. Additionally, while interacting with people, he will certainly be more affectionate and open towards friends than to people he stands on neutral/hostile grounds with.

Lascivious- chaste row : this one gave me a bit of a headache, because Harvey is really neither. xDD His actual sexuality -demisexual heteroromantic - he's not gifted with a very high libido, and intimate relations, as nice as they are when they happen, do not occupy his mind very often. Usually doesn't feel the attraction, when not emotionally connected to the other person, and might not notice other people's attraction towards him. So it's not a matter of chastity really, just his inner construct.

Criminal activities - what the hell do you want me to say here? xDD He did kill his share of people in self defense, be it bandits or otherwise, guess that counts. Also, during DAO, he might have taken a few commissions that required certain objects changing owners. :shrug:

Our other babbu:

Original meme: [link]

Harvey Cousland (c) me
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OOH! Nice to see one of these for Harv! And I see there's one for Trinne too!
Hopefully it will encourage others to do this meme as well. There are so many characters I want to see do this...
freethegoats Jun 28, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It is all your fault. >:3 :hug: Yes, I would love to see other people do this meme as well! *cough*eme*cough* I really had fun figuring out my poor boy, even if some questions scrambled my brain a little. xDD
I regret nothing! :giggle:
Yeah, some questions are a little more in the grey area than black or white answers.
emedeme Jun 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist

you girls are making me one to fill one of these I'm liking these memes very much, it teach you some things about the characters I had never thought about :3

that pic.
freethegoats Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This meme caught my eye ever since I saw Nicole do it for Gem- it's interesting and detailed! xDD Yes, you should do it too!! >B3 :la:

:hug: I'm going to post both of them- Harvey and Trinne, but I need to extend Trinne's a bit first - Harv's original pic goes lower than hers, so they don't look good side by side...
Ah, Alex, I'm sitting here looking at our kids' memes next to each other, and WOW, this is going to be fun. >:3 Just the personality part of things; Trinne's (almost)all hot pink to Harv's blue and purple and just Maker. Like I said. Fun. :giggle: Also, I love that armor you found for your son. It looks awesome. : D

And I just realized I forgot to put Trinne's third spec on her meme. Oopsie. Maybe I'll fix it later, I'm feeling too lazy now...
freethegoats Jun 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yes, this is going to be fun. >:3

Yes, I really like the armor, it looks even better when it's a proper half-body. xDD I'll fix Trinne's picture asap and post both of them. :3
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